Santa Barbara, California, USA

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The Worldhealer Global Awareness Program was started as a club at the University of California, Santa Barbara in January 2010 by student volunteers. Worldhealer organizes guest speakers and international visitors for the UCSB club to inspire members of the far-reaching importance of their work. The university students create workshops for younger age groups, forging the student-to-student mentorship program, in order to enhance the scope of global studies in local schools and to foster an understanding of our responsibilities as participants in an increasingly globalized world.

Litoral Norte, São Paulo, Brazil

Studio Brazil's primary objective is to provide area youth with a safe space away from gangs and drugs, and to encourage them to remain in and finish school. This program will provide snacks and supplemental meals, as well as basic tutorial assistance to help with schoolwork and supplemental educational courses.

Asunción, Paraguay

Studio Paraguay will operate as a fusion of the Worldhealer Studio and Leadership programs. Under Worldhealer supervision, Leadership members plan and execute the aspects of the Worldhealer Studio program that address their community's need, from tutoring and nutrition programs to global awareness workshops and supplemental education.