Worldhealer’s Emerging Leaders Program

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Roxana with Kids
GAC students posing with 3rd graders

Worldhealer strongly believes that participation in the community is a key element in shaping our future leaders and that no program can be successful without the ownership and commitment to the community in which it operates. Designed constructed as a student–to–student mentorship program, the Worldhealer Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) teaches leadership, management, and organizational skills to participants, as well as encourages program ownership by local communities.

Participants in the Emerging Leaders Program are the backbone of Worldhealer’s service programs. By helping participants to be active in developing how they think, feel and perceive the world, participants surpass their limiting beliefs and other obstacles and in doing so, achieve sustainable and exponentially greater global success.

The Emerging Leaders Programs are run at the university level, welcoming college–age students, visiting international students and young adults to participate. Together, they create and lead global awareness workshops for younger age groups (grades K-12). The opportunity for older students to learn and pass on their knowledge, reinforces their learning process and forges the student–to–student mentorship program.

Under Worldhealer supervision, participants plan and execute all areas of the university leadership program. They further their leadership skills by practicing to run their program as a small business, therefore also learning entrepreneurship. By giving university students the opportunity to lead the program, they learn the skills required to manage each aspect of their “company”, have direct positive impact on their community, and gain valuable experience they can use to find sustainable, rewarding employment when they have finished their studies.

The learning and teaching process empowers all participants to contribute to the wider world while:

By inspiring creativity and social engagement, and empowering youth to have a voice in their communities, Worldhealer builds the leaders of tomorrow.