2012 - The Woman of Outstanding Leadership Award

From the International Women's Leadership Association was received by Roxana Bonderson.

2011-2012 Youth Making Change Grant

Was received by UCSB Global Awareness Club / Global Awareness Program: The Fund for Santa Barbara's Youth Making Change Grants allocated $1,000 to GAC fund a workshop series on world communities, world culture fairs and student-to-student mentoring at local high schools and junior high schools. With this funding, GAC ran Worldhealer's first Teen GAC program (see below for details).

In an increasingly globalized world, Worldhealer believes that poverty and disadvantage in one area has widespread negative economic and social effects on the entire globe. In order to decrease these effects, we need to address the problems at their source by providing opportunities for individuals to participate in the betterment of their lives and communities.

2011-2012 CAB Award

for UCSB Global Awareness Club: The CAB Foundation (Associated Students, Community Affairs Board Foundation University of California, Santa Barbara) allocated $1,200.00 to GAC to fund Educational Materials ($700) and Supplies ($500) for program expenses and workshops.

2011 and 2012 - Philanthropy Recognition Award from the UCSB Alumni Association

Was received by UCSB Global Awareness Club in honor of the organization's commitment to philanthropy service to the university and abroad.

2011 and 2012 - Mentor Appreciation Award was received by Roxana Bonderson from the UCSB Alumni Association

in honor of her contribution and service to UCSB students and outreach.

2012 - Grants awarded for UCSB Global Awareness Club's first annual Global Awareness Week


KCSB (a non-commercial, student-run, community radio station bringing alternative media to Santa Barbara).

UCSB Women's Center (fosters an equitable, inclusive, and safe educational environment for all members of the UCSB community).

UCSB CommUnity Grant and URC Interfaith Fund (provides additional funding for student-initiated activities that promote cross-cultural exploration and dialogue).

2010 - The National Association of Professional Women's VIP Woman of the Year Award

Was received by Roxana Bonderson.