Our Founder

Roxana F. Bonderson is an active member of the humanitarian community as the author and designer of several non-profit proposals for development projects within emerging countries. Along with two degrees in architecture, she is specialized in urban design and global studies with an emphasis in sustainable development, global management, marketing and intercultural communications.

She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Farsi. She has worked and done private research in Italy, Germany, South America and Cuba, Far East Asia, Australia, North Africa, and the United States.

She participated as assistant to one of the architect/project managers at Habitat for Humanity – Jimmy Carter Work Project in Valdosta Georgia, U.S.A. in 2003. She also designed a proposal for Habitat for Humanity – LAC (Latin American and Caribbean office) to justify the need for future architectural and urban assistance to Cuba. She was the Project Manager of “The Sustainable Regional Development Group Tourism Proposal” for the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön (Bavaria Unit) in Germany to develop a project on sustainable tourism in the area.

She was also an active member of several projects taking place in Latin America in collaboration with COSPE (Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries), a non-profit organization operating in the field of international cooperation and solidarity, recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. Projects included “Circo de Tudo Mundo”, an educational program in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for the recovery and reinsertion of children and adolescents who currently survive in personal and social risk situations; “Sabor Natural”, a project to strengthen the sustainable commercialization activities of local agriculturists; “Habana Ecopolis”, an urban requalification and public development project in Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba